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June 8, 2016 / Heather

I Swear I’m Not Sick!

Damn allergies… *grumble grumble*

Lately it’s not only been hot (at least it’s cooling down before it keeps climbing), but my allergies have gone berzerk!

I’ve been sniffling at work and one day I was even blowing my nose which I try not to do. Usually if I keep moving I don’t have to as frequently, but that one day I was sitting still most of the day. Oh lucky me. It’ll get better, I just wanted to vent out that.

In other news!

I’m planning on participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in July, but I’m not sure what project I’m going to be working on. Originally I planned on re-writing Letters (a project I did years ago), but I’ve been really enthralled with the story-in-verse that I picked back up on a month or so ago. I don’t want to put that one down. I really just don’t. So I might be doing that for Camp. It’ll also make me lengthen the project and give me some semblance of form for that. I don’t even know what I’m saying right now. I’m just happy that it’s going well.

Lots of stuff going on with the house too. We’ll see what happens. We’ve hit a stumbling block with something. Grr. Just have to hope for the best.

The car is fixed though! No more angry spring. I’ll take what good news I can get where I can get it. Maybe I’ll post a teaser somewhere. Maybe not. Who knows. I’m not really one for teasers usually… I like reading them, but I don’t like posting them myself.

Deep breaths. Deep, even breaths. Stress will not win! I would like to see it make my hair go grey though. Yes, I use e instead of a. I prefer that spelling usually. Peace everyone.



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