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June 15, 2016 / Heather

I’m Laughing About… What?!

So, interesting topics at hand!

Did you ever watch Scrubs? The episodes AFTER Sacred Heart had been converted into a college and JD was a teacher?

Have you ever watched “A Young Doctor’s Notebook”?

So… Syphilis! XD

Yes, I’m laughing my head off about SYPHILIS at the moment.

In one of the episodes of Scrubs towards the end seasons there was a med student who “rapped” about Syphilis. Weird.

I enjoy Daniel Radcliffe and on Netflix one day a show popped up called “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” starring Radcliffe and Jon Hamm. The show takes place during the Russian Revolution and surrounds a young doctor working at this hospital and everyone hates him. Everyone. There. Hates. Him. For no reason other than he’s young and he’s NOT the previous doctor. It’s a very dark story, but has its moments.

Basically every time he turns around he’s running into someone with Syphilis.

I got Catfish to watch with me at least once. He picked up on the Syphilis thing REAL quick.

So why am I laughing about it? Syphilis turns up every few months in conversation with Catfish. I watch a LOT of medical dramas, okay?

I looked up the news and guess what?


Specifically an article talking about how there was a 70% increase in Syphilis cases between 2014 & 2015 in my state (according to CDC on par with national trend).


X’D I just can’t help it!

Syphilis is a horrible thing that shouldn’t be laughed at, but folks…

It’s like every 3-6 months that it comes up SOMEHOW in conversation. Some show references it. It’s mentioned in a song. Catfish questions how there’s no record of more of our historical founding fathers who had it… But somehow it always comes up.

So there’s your post for questioning my sanity. XD

Heather is laughing at Syphilis coming up in conversation or news every few months.

I swear, I’m not crazy. At least, no more than a normal person. *Cheshire grin*



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