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June 22, 2016 / Heather

Progress IS Progress

My current motto.

Progress is still progress no matter how much got done.

I’m working on my project for Camp NaNo July 2016. It’s the story-in-verse that I’ve mentioned before. So essentially what I’m doing is using the end of Camp to give me a deadline. The “word count” I’ve set is the number of pieces that I want to have total.

Photo Feb 25, 8 05 12 PM

Notebook a friend gave me some time ago that I still treasure. It’s just gorgeous! And a typewriter!

So while 330 “words” might not seem like a lot, that’s a set number of poems/pieces a day. And from where I made the start at and from all the calculations I made (don’t ask me for them, I ran the numbers, did a triple check, and then tossed the scraps away). That’s (at the moment) 3 poems/pieces per day per character. Alternating back and forth between two characters. Since I don’t have set word goals per piece this is just the easiest way to give me goals and deadlines.

Even so, I’m still behind. But, Progress is still progress no matter how much got done.

Working on Camp in July? Look me up! Drop me some mail. Twitter me! (PoetRazor13 [same for Instagram and Snapchat].)



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