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June 29, 2016 / Heather

Progress… In Progress?

I’ve made very little progress since my last post. Very little. So progress is still in progress for me. I’m still hoping to get a lot done this weekend. Friday we close at 5 and then we’re closed until the 5th so I get time to read, write, or do whatever. Best friend coming over this weekend to watch a movie loaned to me by a friend/coworker.

20160507_184201 Tuesday I went to Indy for work and it was a beautiful city, but it wasn’t a fun trip. The best part was laughing with those I was on the trip with. We had a lot of the same feelings about it and considering two of us got around 3 hours of sleep (if that) it was a long, long day.

But we won’t dive into that here. By the end of today I should have 86 pieces per character. As I write this I’ve got 53 pieces per character. Including today’s goal I’m 11 days behind. I know I can do a lot of writing, but damn that seems so far away!


Sunday was an awesome day. I got to sleep, got some writing in, and then I went to a movie (The Conjuring 2) with two of my best friends. Then we went out to dinner. It was a very much needed girls night out. When I came home Catfish was asleep already, but he woke up to spend a little time with me. He then got to laugh at me because since it was a horror movie I got a little freaked out. Then I also had unrelated nightmares that same night and I was nervous about the Indy trip.

I need to be making more progress on this story… Camp NaNo starts on July 1st. Before that day hits my goal is to have 89 pieces to be on par for my goal. I doubt I’m going to make it there, but we’ll see. Depends on how much time I spend sleeping vs awake and how much time I spend writing.

Speaking of… I should really finish lunch and get some writing in. I hate writing before I leave the house on a schedule because it means I can’t get that much farther into my project and it’s what I really want to do. Get so far into a project that I don’t want to leave it. I feel like I’ve been in these shower scenes forever and I’m only one with one of them! At least the 2nd one might move faster. He’s the more cooperative character.

Good luck to anyone else participating in Camp NaNo this July. Peace everyone.



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