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July 20, 2016 / Heather


I’m currently listening to an audiobook for a book I’ve been meaning to read for months, but haven’t had time to read the physical copy.

I also finished another audiobook this morning. It was a collection of short stories.

I haven’t been writing much, but yesterday I got a lot of writing done. Why? Not because I sat down at my desk to write and that’s all I did. No.

It’s because I took a break from thinking about writing and had fun with a friend. We talked writing and talked about problems we’re having with parts of the stories and motivation and work. We had coffee and laughed, glad to be able to spend time together. This is a friend I’ve had for years and because of our schedules we don’t always get to see each other. We also agreed we needed to meet up for more it. Maybe the next time I’ll sit there for a while after and write or show up before and write.

So when you’re struggling, maybe you just need to take a step back and… Do something else. I tend to try and push on, but that’s not always the answer.

I’m also still debating a title. Working title is “Unexpected Moments”, but I’ve had another title idea that I seem to like more.

Wish me luck.



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