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August 3, 2016 / Heather

Catching Up…

So… There’s a lot of stuff to catch you up on, friends and readers. There’s also nothing to catch you up on.

Let’s focus on the actual events, shall we?

I’ve been reading quite a bit off and on. It’s helping me stay sane. Catfish ended up working a crap-ton of days so I barely saw him and there’s news of a sort on that area, but I’d rather not share that here. For my own reasons.

Still fighting my own thoughts on some things. That’s more questioning if things are stress because of work or if I’ve developed anxiety or nerve problems like oh-so-many of my family members. I’m leaning on anxiety. Self-medication with books and browsing internet things. As well as playing a game or two here and there.

20160710_204330 (1)

Enjoy the Gus puppy. He loves walks and car rides. My niece took him and Sadie dog to the park at the local library and Gus had fun. Sadie had fun laying in the grass and letting a group of girls love on her (I invited them to pet her when, I swear to you, every single one of them commented on how pretty she was). Gus was happier staying by me and only having my hand on him. Not a social puppy, that one.

We made a massive transition at work and it’s taking a lot of getting used to. Partly why this is late. Part of that is because I forgot to draft a post up so I could have one scheduled to go out and yeah. I really just got behind on some things. This transition has been wonderful, but also exceedingly painful. I’d love to have staff from other libraries working with us longer, but that ship has apparently sailed. I’m really hoping that we can at least have extra staff with us. Extra hands just help.

The book I’m currently engrossed in is one titled “World of Azglen” by P. Mattern (also M. Mattern and J.C. Estall). It’s book 1 in the Full Moon Series about a character named Charley Rabbit, a man who is mentally handicapped. Charley and his mother go on a rare outing and meet some lovely people about Charley’s age and they all become friends. One day Mitzi, Charley’s mother, notices a number of changes. He’s reading alone, when he couldn’t read at all before and people labeled him as uneducable. There are a number of grammatical errors, but I’ve really been enjoying the book. Hoping that the library system will have the others and that I can pick them up. Going to be highly disappointed if they don’t…

I’ve also been reading “The Dreams” on Wattpad by BridgettMorigna (links to her blog, will open in another window. You can also find her story there). It’s fantastic! I’m not entirely sure how to describe it yet, but the best I can figure is it’s about two different worlds. One where a young woman is told she isn’t allowed to talk to a young man who has a reputation in the village and she ends up what seems to be having feelings for him so far and it parallels with a current-time story about a young woman who prefers to stay in and read or study for college rather than going and partying all the time. Her friend sets her up on a blind date the one time she decides to go out and ends up enjoying the time she starts spending with the young man. It’s very cute and very well-written. I love getting a little free time and pulling it up on my phone. People probably think I’m playing a game or on facebook, but I’m actually reading!


This is me. From a few years ago now, actually. I recently dyed my hair red and we’re not talking brownish auburn red, we’re talking orange copper red. And I love it. Not the green I really wanted, but I wanted to test at work (because there’s no real rule about hair) before going with something a little more wild. There are professionals out there with brightly colored hair and tattoos all over the place (not to mention I have a coworker or two who has tattoos). I’d rather like to be easy to spot if someone needs me and the hair helps with that.

I guess that’s all for now. This is a rather long update and I’m hoping the next one will not only be on time, but will be shorter. Also hoping I’ll be able to udpate you on the story I was attempting to write during Camp NaNo. Peace for now everyone.



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