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August 10, 2016 / Heather

Where I’m At

For the story I was writing for Camp here’s an update.

I’m still in love with the story, but find it hard to write at home because I can’t get comfortable. Either the chair or the table is too high so I don’t write for very long. Before this it was the fact it was too bloody hot so my wrist would hurt for a long time once I’d be writing.

For the actual information:

I’ve written 99 parts for her, and 90 parts for him. The end goal is still 165 each. I found writing for one character at a time helps me focus and get into that character’s mentality better so this is what I’m going to stick with. It’ll also make writing it easier because I can look at the last few pieces easily because of how I’m writing this and make sure things match at least somewhat so I don’t have one thing happening on him 92 and that same thing happening on her 103 and create a ton of distance.

I’ve added some new characters in, but it’s still all from His and Hers perspectives.

He’s in love with her, but I think it’s becoming more stalker-ish love and hers is becoming more friend-love. She’s reconnecting with an old friend who thought she was gone or dead and yeah. He had feelings for her and she had a crush on him and he’s a musicial who wants to base an album off one of her books so they’re discussing it in public and catching up. Not a “date” date, but a kind of date and it’s making the main male character very jealous and nervous and he’s in the mode of over-analyzing everything now.

I love psychological torture.

She’s got anxiety and tends to panic very easily when she’s with her only real friend (our lead male) and when this old friend hugs her she doesn’t panic. So something’s clicking in her brain.

I’m still not entirely sure how the story will end. Been playing with a few different things. Need to get out my index cards and do a little mapping of sorts. We’ll see if it helps clear anything up. I might also bounce some ideas off Catfish and see what he thinks. Gus and Timba are no help when it comes to the idea stuff.

That’s all for now. (What? A post that’s out ON TIME?! That’s about writing?! That was drafted the Sunday before it went live? Yes.)



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