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September 28, 2016 / Heather

I Created a Monster???

Below is a post I drafted up about a year ago. Before Catfish and I officially moved into our house. I forget this happened, but I knew back then I wanted to post it because it would be too good to NOT post! Whenever I go to draft a post or even just look to see when my last one was I see the draft there and I always think it’s not the right time. A year later I’m smiling and getting fuzzies because of this post and I think it’s finally time to share it. The fair is happening this week. A lot can happen in a year…
So apparently I’ve created some sort of monster of my Fishie Fiance.
The week ending on October 3rd was the fair for the city I work in and work closes down for maintenance (mostly so we can do massive computer updates like replacing them and stuff like painting). We still keep a building open so some of the staff can work on things otherwise. I had a few days off and so did Catfish. Both of us are kind of worried that our house won’t really feel like home and his grandpa keeps saying it’s livable and for the most part it is (has running water, has electricity, etc.), but it also has a lot of things to be done that I’m not really willing to list here because you’ll all think I’m probably crazy for what I’m about to tell you.
I talked to Catfish about staying a couple of nights in the house so we could see how it goes. (It went really well, by the way.)
So when the weekend of the 3rd came around Catfish and I were debating staying at our house or his parent’s house and we ended up at our house because his parents had a lot of family over. Guys… Guys… Catfish said we might as well stop at GameStop (he finished paying a preorder off), go to Walmart to get stuff for dinner (Honey Bourbon Chicken), and go back to the city my parents live in so we could go to Home Depot to get paint and more brushes for the house so we could paint the living room just the two of us like we did with the one bedroom we painted which took the two of us like 6 hours.
We started the cooking and stuff at 9 P.M. and by the time I started jotting down this blog post into Evernote (because we don’t have WiFi at the house yet so I couldn’t draft it into WordPress without using data that I don’t really want to use much of in case of emergency) it was 10 P.M.
How did I create a monster? I talk to him about staying a night or two at our house and now he wants to paint a room that’s a bit bigger than the one we painted alone that took us 6 hours to get through.
But on the bright side we have a pet spider in the house! Catfish thinks it’s a female, but it’s a long-legs spider. I’m sorry, that’s the only name I know for them. Well, we kept seeing more spiders pop up which would usually freak me out to no end, but I’m chill with it for some reason. I made the remark that we have all these housemates and none of them pay rent. To which Catfish replies “Have you seen spider money? It’s tiny! How do we know they haven’t left us a pile of rent money?”
And for those of you who don’t yet know, I don’t really cook. So Catfish is currently cooking the chicken while I type this up into Evernote and we’re making remarks back and forth. Like how his Uncle Tim taught him a bunch of cooking things and he’s getting recipes from coworkers for things (like the Honey Bourbon Chicken. Thanks Schuyler!) and he makes the remark that he’s going to turn me into a “gourmet” cook. Then he asked if I was scared about turning into my mother. I’m not worried about turning into my mother. 1. She’s an awesome cook 2. She’s an awesome person 3. She puts up with far more shit than anyone else I’ve ever known.
New addition! Catfish is cooking one chicken breast at a time and he added more “sauce” into the mixture while the pan was still really hot and on a high temperature so it steamed up and I was teasing him. In the beginning he’d smell the mix as it was cooking and get a noseful of the whiskey and it kind of stayed there (this happened like 3 times to begin with while I was typing the upper middle portion of this post) and when he added the mixture for breast 2 it steamed up (out of his face thankfully) and I laughed, mentioning that he was going to get a “Faceful of Whiskey” and we decided that would make an awesome drinking song.
This is what I’m marrying, folks. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

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