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October 5, 2016 / Heather

Plug for Friend

My buddy over on DeviantArt (Asahi-Taichou) has started a Patreon page! Go check his work out and if possible, help support?

There are a number of artists I’d like to feature and the list keeps growing. His is just the first I’ve gotten around to sharing. But seriously, go check out his work.

Here’s his journal on the topic, info straight from the writer himself!

In other news I’m still reading, I’ve gotten back to some of my writing, and I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year as usual. I’ve got a story idea, a vague plot line, and not a whole helluva lot of anything else.

It’s been nice and chilly here lately, so that means a lot of cuddles. Monday night when I left work I had a slight headache (and of course I haven’t put my painkillers back in my purse yet) and it seemed like everyone and their brother had their brights on last night. I took a nice, dark back road home. Even then my headache had grown to splitting by the time I got home. Ate a little, Catfish cuddles helped some. When it got progressively worse he offered to get painkillers. That helped. I also napped a little on the couch which helped as well. Hoping that doesn’t happen again. I have theories on why it happened/what led up to it… Ugh! Peace for now everyone.



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