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October 12, 2016 / Heather

Unexpected Moments

[Originally posted on my DeviantArt account as a journal titled “Sleep? What the F is that?” Minus images.]

So, the fair in the city where I work came and went. Spent one day there with Catfish, Fyo, and my friend Monkey. It was great and there are still laughs about DERPICORN! Long story short Fyo won a game and got a stuffed animal unicorn from Despicable Me and the eyes were just… Derp! Thus, DERPICORN was born. Best. Joke. Ever. Autocorrect now recognizes Derpicorn for Fyo, myself, and possibly Catfish.


I’m thrilled right now though. I’ve been working on Unexpected Moments, my story in verse, and I’ve been handwriting them. Well, my hand was really not good the week before fair. We’re talking wear one brace while working and wear another while sleeping, spending little time without a brace on at all bad. So I typed up some parts for a character and I liked it. I needed to type the story up anyway. Well, I’d had quite a few parts for the male character, but nothing typed for the female.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was writing group and a good friend who hasn’t been able to make it for some time was able to come and so did another friend who hasn’t been there for a while. Biggest group meeting I’ve ever seen! I was thrilled. I read more of what I had and got some nice feedback (as usual). Well, I wanted to get things typed up and I hadn’t had time to do so over the weekend. Rather, I didn’t end up getting things typed up over the weekend like I wanted to. I’m not entirely sure what I DID end up doing over the weekend… Sleeping maybe? Watching T.V… Oh yeah, I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy because I was a season behind and needed to catch up so I could watch the new episodes when they came out. Silly me. Though… Now I have American Horror Story: Hotel to binge because it FINALLY came to streaming. Downside to not having cable and such. We like this though. It works for us.


When I got home last night Catfish wasn’t home. He was out with a couple of buddies seeing a movie and having some dinner with them. It’s nice for him to get out with the guys just like it’s nice for me to get out with the girls now and then. And him being out of the house gave me ALL THE TIME to type and do whatever I wanted. So I typed up EVERYTHING that wasn’t already typed up. Seriously, check my Twitter feed from last night. You can see the progression.

Essentially it reads (minus hashtags)
“Unexpected Moments officially has Her 1-40 and Him 1-101 typed up! Her 41-100 left to type for now!”
“I don’t know if I will type up Her 4-100 tonight. We’ll see… Listening to I took a pill in Ibiza and Closer on repeat while typing these.”
“Her 80-100 typed up. Only Her 42-79 to go! Also need part 101 for her. In time. That part will be hard for her.”
“There’s only so much torment I want this character to suffer in my typing for one night. Maybe…”
“As of 15 minutes ago I am only one piece away from having Her and Him 1-101 typed up.”
And that’s all that I had on Twitter in the 3 hour time-span that I tweeted. Meaning I spent probably 4 hours typing up parts. @_@ :faint: I have no idea how many parts I ended up typing. I did write notes in my planner so I’d know where I left off at… I do have a note in here about part Her 101 for when I write/type it. I’m almost scared to write it because it IS going to be traumatizing for Her. She’s going to relive a major event in her life that snowballed a lot of things that got her to where she is now.

By the way, the 4 hour writing stretch ended with the last part typed at 2:19 A.M. this morning. >.> I should have been doing some other things in there, but I got all the writing done. So it’s on me, but I got something done and I feel GREAT that I got everything for it typed. Hoping I can get some more added to the story on Monday or over the weekend because once I get Her 101 in here I’ll only have 64 pieces for each of them before I hit the goal I want to finish the story. It will have a total of 330 parts, 165 each. Having 128 pieces left to add in total is a major thing. I’m over halfway done… It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s… It’s weird.

Unexpected Moments started out as an attempt at something in a notebook I really liked. I put the story away for a LONG time and then after moving I found the notebook again and wanted to continue it. It became a Camp NaNo attempt (failed) and here we are with it being almost finished. It’s something that sits in my mind while I work on other things and while I’ll be happy to see it finished, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to be over. Even as far as I am in the story I haven’t said what the names of the male a female are. And if things go right when their names are said it’ll be very big, very emotional, and [hopefully] memorable.



Ring I got at the fair. Yes, that’s the “One Ring” from Lord of the Rings. Yes, that’s why I bought it. 😛


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