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November 9, 2016 / Heather

Vacation? What’s That?

So, at work we have vacation time and if we don’t use it all by a certain date whatever’s left we forfeit over. Because NaNoWriMo is in November I tend to take the week with Veteran’s Day off since we’re closed that day anyway. I’m writing this on Monday, day 1 of “vacation”. I put it in quotes because I never go anywhere. I just stay home and write, sleep, and hang out with the pets. And use the Keurig apparently. Currently drinking something vitamin laden that’s just warm flavored water. After this I raid the tea cupboard to organize and find what I want to drink. *grins while sipping water*

Gus is very unsure why I haven’t left the house yet. As I write this it’s about 40 minutes after I would have left the house to head to work and Gus has been dancing around me and pawing at my leg. He’s happy I’m home. He’s small enough that when his tail wags his whole body wags. Not just that little butt waggle that most dogs get, but full-on whole body shakes. I’m looking at taking him on a small walk soon. Probably taking him with me to pick Catfish up from work tonight. SKittish as he is, Gus loves going for a ride and he rides well. I’ve taken him a couple of times on my own to my folk’s house or on errands with me and he sits or lays on the passenger seat, doesn’t have much interest in looking out the window. Sometimes I’ll lift the arm rest up so he can get closer to me, like lay his head on my leg.

I haven’t written anything for NaNo today yet. When I stopped yesterday I was at 11,090. I just need a few hundred words today and I’ll be caught up again. So far I’ve been able to write every day of NaNo. This is what I’m aiming for, too. Even if I hit 50K before the end if I don’t think the story is done and I have enough time I’ll hopefully be adding more to it. I know a few people aiming at 75K this month, but the 50K is fine by me.

I also kind of want to edit Unexpected Moments because I enjoy that story and there was a suggestion that a friend made that might add a little more depth to it and I thought of a question that could answer a few things about a character and why she doesn’t do something despite her feelings about a person. I love being able to be vague here. 😀

More than anything I’m hoping to get a LOT of reading done. If Thursday is nice maybe Catfish and I can go on a bike ride. His grandfather brought over all bikes they’d stored at his house and now Catfish and I have them. 4 bikes. We got three of them where they are able to ride. Just needed to pump up tires. It’s really nice because I was wanting to get a bike so I could ride some around here, but I never got around to it and I’d had no idea that Catfish and his grandfather talked about those bikes.

Gus is currently upset that there’s a Timba in my lap and not a Gus. Sadie couldn’t care less. She’s in the kitchen sleeping anyway. She’s got a blanket and pillow in there with her and she’s near her food. She’s happy. She’d be happier if Catfish was home. She’d be a LOT happier if my niece was here because while my niece picks her up and carries her wherever she also cuddles Sadie all the time she’s here.

Friday I’m having a few people over for a meal, including an uncle that most of the family never invites to anything. He’s excited. I don’t get to see him a lot and like I said, hardly anyone invites him to anything in the family. Monkey is excited because she’s getting to try a recipe and we get to hang out. We’re happy any time we get to spend with each other. I’ve got a few things I need to clean up here, but other than that it’s all relaxation this week. Maybe I’ll see if I can get in somewhere and get my hair cut. Or maybe I’ll color my hair while I’m off. I do enjoy doing that.

If you’re wondering what I’m noveling to it’s Twenty-One Pilots. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them lately! Bought one of the physical CDs and listened to it in the car and then somehow I got a song of theirs stuck in my head after a few weeks of NOT listening to them and suddenly I can’t get sick of them. I keep thinking I need to pick up another album of theirs.

FYI, for those who don’t NaNo and wonder how much we need to write in a day, this post currently sits at a little less than 850 words. You need 1667 words a day to be on par and hit the goal. I also don’t usually plan my blog posts. I free write them. So there’s not really a concern about length. With a novel I prefer having things planned out and it’s hard for me to NOT write without planning things out. Blogs I consider more like journal entries that I’m sharing publicly if anyone decides to read them. There are things in here that I’d really openly share and there are things here that I wouldn’t so openly share. There’s a reason this isn’t connected to my personal Facebook account.

That said, I’m going to close this post out. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish reading a book today so I can give it back to a friend tomorrow and post a review here. I’ll probably get a little writing done and then head for that walk with Gus.

Peace everyone. And to those who are writing out there, NaNo or not, happy writing.



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