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January 4, 2017 / Heather

Adventures in Hair Dying

Originally this post was going to be more about sleep and how I was plagued with nightmares for the last handful of nights in 2016, but I figured pleasant things were in order.

Last night it looked like someone was murdered in my shower. Or that my shower was suddenly the place to make cranberries.

Yep. I dyed my hair. Catfish helped. We had laughs. Lots of them. Now, because my hair is generally thick I use 2 boxes of dye whenever I do this sort of thing. Not having long hair means the dye really gets in there. It was supposed to be somewhere between the bottom two on the chart below.

It’s a violet color. And it turned out… Well…

Flash makes it more red than purple, but it is very violet in color. I like it. It’s still not the green I really want, but I don’t want to push that envelope at work juuuuust yet. We don’t have any rules against dying our hair and I do keep my hair looking good. It’s so fluffy!

I miss my green hair though…



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