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January 11, 2017 / Heather


Sorry this is coming to you late, folks. Due to an ice storm and apparently scheduled maintenance that we knew nothing about Catfish and I were without Internet so I couldn’t draft a post like I wanted.

I also don’t have anything to really talk about right now besides reading and the fact that I’m going to start editing something over this weekend.

I just finished Dan Wells’s book Extreme Makeover and I loved it! It’s about a scientist working for a cosmetics company and while trying to create a new hydrating lotion accidentally creates a cloning lotion! I love Wells’s work and the narrator for this audiobook was brilliant.

And to continue with the Stephen King binge I’ve been on (I entirely blame the Monkey for this because she’s a big fan of his and turned me on to him) and because the new version of the movie comes out this Fall (*squeeing fangasm*) I’ve started reading/listein to It by Stephen King.

For those who don’t know, It is about a group of friends from Derry, Maine who are each haunted by a monster that has no name and more than one face. Known only as “It”, the creature most commonly takes the form of Penny wise the clown when taunting these kids. They make a pact that the next time it comes around (if it does) they are going to try and stop it. For good.

The original movie is one of my favorites and the book is super thick for things I read (thank the stars for audiobooks) and I’m thrilled to finally be reading it. I’m waiting on a book order with The Dark Half  and Salem’s Lot to arrive and they should be in my hands by Friday. He’s an addiction, folks. And yes, I plan on getting the audiobooks for both of those.

Audiobooks help fill the space I’m in and they’re a great way for me to read while doing things like grocery shopping, cleaning, or even walking. Though usually if I’m walking I’m walking the dog and talking to him off and on. I look forward to warmer weather.

I managed to mess my back up just enough that I’m in pain and trying to ignore ut, but it’s a stubborn pain this time. Gotta try and take it easy tonight I guess.

Also working on a piece for a local competition. Also need to work on some poetry. So many things!

Ooh! Idea! *darts off to take notes*

Here, have a teaser for a thing!


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