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March 8, 2017 / Heather



There’s a lot of stuff that’s happened lately, mostly stuff about trying to get back to normal and on a regular schedule again for me. I don’t do well off of a schedule and it bothers me a LOT. I don’t like missing things and I don’t like being behind on things. I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on it feels like and the only thing I feel like I can keep up with is my writing and things like reading or watching shows because I can watch stuff while doing other things like writing blog posts or pissing about on facebook or other such things.

That’s pretty much it. I’m going to do Camp NaNo as usual. I just got my story set up. I’ll be rewriting/editing Unexpected Moments so maybe I can actually do something with the story.

There’s a new app from Wattpad! It’s called Tap. It’s really interesting and I want to play around with the format. It’s a very small story that’s told through text messages and you tap to get to the next text. It’s aggravating because you only get so many taps during a set time frame. Like how you only get 5 skips an hour with a free Pandora account. Grah!

This probably sounds like a random assortment of ramblings and it really is. I wanted to get something out even if it was late. I woke up this morning sick to my stomach and it sucked because I couldn’t roll over and just go back to sleep. I had to get out of bed early (earlier than my alarm) to do something and then I took Catfish to work. I didn’t even hang around to talk with my best friend which is really rare.

Hoping I’m feeling better soon. My stomach is still iffy right now. I don’t know why. Something I ate? Maybe I ate too late? Am I getting sick? I wish I knew. I really wish I knew… But oh well!


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