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May 31, 2017 / Heather

One of My Duties…

Sorry, this is going to be more of a post about work than about MY works, but they’re connected, so it works for me.

One of my assigned duties at work involves a lot of steady typing. Like tying for an hour solid on a keyboard that isn’t a keyboard I would ever use on my own but I’m not one to complain about a keyboard that works that’s worked for a long time.

Solid hour Thursday of JUST. TYPING.

Solid hour Friday. of JUST. TYPING.

I had a 3-day weekend this weekend.

I wanted to get some writing done. Poems. By hand.

I had typed up a poem last week one night while lying in bed because I was restless and I knew if I didn’t get that poem out of my head right then that I wouldn’t be able to remember it later. This always bothers me when I’m trying to create new material.

Now, at home or with a keyboard I’m used to that is ergonomically correct for me I can type for HOURS on end without EVER feeling any sort of pain. The one I use at work at that particular desk is not one of these. So my wrists hurt after I type for a solid hour on it. Catfish went out with some friends to listen to some music and I went out to dinner by myself thinking it would be a nice change of pace and that maybe I could get some neat inspiration for a few poems to jot down while waiting for food or maybe even get the poem I typed the other night written into my notebook (because I like having handwritten copies, judge me all you want for that. I. LIKE. BACKUPS.) So I decide to start with copying the typed poem to see if I could really write at that table and with the different noise around me.

Answer: I CAN write with the varying noises around me. I CAN’T write more than one piece after having typed at almost my normal speed for an hour just hours earlier on that keyboard.

It just can’t happen.

So I’m debating talking to someone there because that’s a shared desk and if I’m using it for so many hours and other people are going to be using it more it should probably be more comfortable and there are ways to do so that won’t take much time.

[From Friday night] So I’m probably going to overdo it tonight because I DESPERATELY want to get something new written AND I want to copy over some pieces I wrote during an event at my local library on Tuesday. One that I’m wary on because I don’t care much for it but the other two I actually like quite a bit and I got compliments on them during the program.

I’m also needing to frame a couple of things because I have copies of both the article announcing the winners of the Snowbound Writer’s Contest AND the article from the reception with the picture of the winners who were there (all but one person). I’m actually proud of this accomplishment because it feels like I’ve actually DONE something this year with my writing instead of just writing things or editing things.

Speaking of, I need to go through and read the things that were submitted to the last issue of an online magazine that I learned about back in 2011 that is still going fairly strong. I now also want to re-read a book of poems a former professor of mine published that I read and then loved so much that I HAD to buy a copy of. Note: This professor won the Poet Laureate award for my state a couple years ago and that is a HUGE honor. He’s an awesome person and so is his wife. I actually follow him on facebook and he shares some interesting things.

Anywho, I think that’s enough of this for right now. The post is longer than I meant it to be at first (which seems to happen when I don’t have a particular topic in mind until I sit down and just start typing away at the keyboard, doesn’t it…) so I’ll end here. Its storming outside which means I’m kind of peaceful right now and it’s a GREAT time for me to get some writing done. Or at least try to get some writing done if my wrists will let me.

I hope they will…[End from Friday]

I was able to get some things written down Friday night and got a fair few pieces written between Saturday and Sunday among all the cleaning that happened and helping Catfish get the grill started and helping him unbury the mower from our shed. I also got a good bit of reading done over the weekend, but not as much as I was hoping to get done.



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