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June 7, 2017 / Heather

The Pheasant Affair

Somewhere around a month ago (after our Sadie girl died), we’d bought more plastic cups (we use a lot of these so we buy the big bag). Well… We also bought a case of water at the same time while grocery shopping.

And made the mistake of thinking they were out of Gus’ reach when they weren’t…

Apparently my dog like to EAT plastic cups and water bottles.

No, I don’t mean chew up, I mean EAT them. There were a lot of bits on the floor, but not enough to make up like 20 cups and at least 4 bottles.

The problem? Besides him eating things he’s not supposed to there’s the issue of him not playing with actual dog toys I got him when we first got Gus.

So while at the store a couple of weeks later I found a toy that’s essentially a water bottle of some sort wrapped in para cord in the shape of a pheasant.

Gus is normally terrified of anything that makes noise. But he likes the crinkle of water bottles and cups. About a week after finding the thing I caved and bought it, hoping it would be something he’d actually play with.

That night it ended up in his bed with him and it looked like he was spooning the pheasant.

Catfish witnessed this and did not get a picture. I was sleeping at the time.

Not quite a week later we found something hilarious. Catfish put Gus on his outside lead and we noticed that the pheasant was not in Gus’ bed with him, but that it had the inside lead wrapped around it’s neck.


Gus and the pheasant had a lovers spat and Gus strangled it.


Gus and the pheasant had a lovers spat and Gus hired Tim (Timba, the cat) to kill the pheasant.

Either way it was hilarious and this is my life, so yeah.



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