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June 29, 2017 / Heather


So on the 24th I was in Chicago for the ALA Annual Conference. This was awesome for several reasons including getting to meet Gene Ambaum of both Unshelved and The Library Comic which are two aqesome webcomics about libraries. I git my picture taken with him. He’s a total sweetheart! I also got some awesome stuff both bought and given away. It was a work trip so I got paid, and it was a day with some awesome co-workers. Not awesome is the fact that I’m now sick coughing my head off and can’t breathe through my nose. Two coworkers have labeled it as Con Crud which is very likely as there were probably over a 1000 people there.

These are just some of the books. The very bottom one that you can’t see too well is not from the conference though. So excited. My job rocks.

In other news I have been playing with Google Drive/Docs and yes there is a word count feature! Woot woot! Even better is Catfish and I got new phones. It’s been the month of new phones at work. His phone kept dying on him (we’re talking maybe an hour of usable time with a 100% charge) and mine only had the issue of getting really warm when used for prolonged periods of time. He had been asking me about updating for a long time but I thought both our phones were fine. After I paid the bill I was looking at how upgrades work and what not and asked him a few questions and then we decided it couldn’t hurt to stop by the store and ask and we ended up trading in our old phones and got a lot of money towards new things, updated our service, and ended up with an unlimited everything plan. I asked about increasing data because Catfish watches YouTube all the time on his phone so when our internet goes out which is kind of often these days it eats our data. For months we’ve paid overage charges because of this. Thank goes they brought back unlimited data! No more worries about going over. I am, however, terrified to see the next few bills before things are balanced out again.

We both got the Samsung S8+. I had wanted the Google Pixel XL because I’m a big Google user any more but that would have taken months to get in and these were in stock. Our cases are different and the phones themselves are different colors so if they are out of the cases we can still tell them apart without looking at the lock screens.

Because my desktop has been kind of dead for a while and I haven’t had ti.e to talk to someone about looking at it and I’m more mobile now anyway I’m hoping to move to doing a fair bit of my writing through my phone. My phone is silver and my case has glitter in it that flows because it’s in with liquid and it looks absolutely girly and shiny and awesome. Catfish finally got a tablet (something hes been wanting for a while) and it’s on our plan so omg he can use it to probably find his phone if he loses it! He’ll still be able to text me from it either way so we’re good.

Not much other than that. Figured since I’m currently sick I’d take the time to post since I hadn’t put a post out Wednesday.

Here’s to feeling better, posting more regularly, and writing more!



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