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July 5, 2017 / Heather

Fire Howl

This will be a very different type of post. There is something major that happened recently that I can’t go into details about.

I worked Saturday July 1st with two cool people. At approximately 2:30 AM on Sunday, July 2nd, there was a fire at my workplace that has caused extensive damage. The building will eventually reopen, but that, from personal guess, will be a long time coming. I was called Sunday to come in and I was also called Monday. I can’t share details, but even according to news reports the state fire marshal does not think it to be arson. There is a lot of pain currently with everything. My job is safe. We have other buildings that were not touched by the fire at all. Our main building did not have fire damage to the historic 1910 building.

Before I say too much that will be all about the fire, at least for now.

Camp NaNo has started and we have a few days under us so far. I’m behind, but I managed to get the last pages marked with edits and I can start on the actual rewrites. So far the new phone is working out very well and I’m hoping to not have issues with the rewrites since I’m getting used to the phone now. I still make mistakes with it, but that’s going to happen off and on anyway.

I’m still working on my story Unexpected Moments. I’m still happy with it. Cringed a bit at the corrections I need, but I’m happy with it.

I’m also watching Howl’s Moving Castle for like the millionth time. I love this movie and I find Howl to be drastically beautiful. Peace everyone.



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  1. WDLady / Jul 6 2017 12:31 AM

    That’s awful about what happened to the library. I know you can’t say much, but I hope everyone is okay and that no one was seriously injured.

    Wow, Camp Nano! It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing again. I haven’t written anything in months. Been busy with college and I dunno if I’ll get back to my normal routine. I’m off now, but I’ll be reading and studying mostly. I should get back to finishing some of my projects though. Anyway hon, take care and hope to talk to you soon. ^__^

    • Heather / Jul 6 2017 5:50 AM

      I’m trying to get back into the ha it, but right now I feel like I have no focus because of everything happening.

      The fire happened when no one was working, so no one was hurt. Originally thought not to be arson it was officially declared yesterday that it was intentional, so yes arson.

      • WDLady / Jul 6 2017 10:57 AM

        Yeah, same here. I gotta focus and then maybe I’ll be able to write something.

        That’s horrible. 😦 Why would someone want to burn down a library? Let’s hope the police catch the person who did it, before he or she does it again.

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