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July 12, 2017 / Heather


If any of you grew up like I did or you were from at least one generation older than me you’re probably familiar with the old saying “bad things come in threes”. If not, you’re about to be.

So a couple weeks before there was a fire at my workplace a local restaurant (I say local but it was a chain, just very few left) had been badly burned. Friday while my workplace was closed I took my mom grocery shopping because I normally do that on Fridays. While getting groceries out of my car a neighbor pulled up and we got talking. Mind you, she was a friend of the family and my former 5th grade teacher. She used the phrase of bad things coming in 3s so we kind of wondered what was next.

It didn’t take long to figure out…

Saturday I took Catfish to work and came back home to get more sleep. I hadn’t slept super well and I wanted and needed rest. Well, my mom called me and woke me up. She’d gone to run errands that she and I didn’t do because she forgot my dad worked Saturday and was going to have him take her. When she came back she saw emergency vehicles at the neighbor house. The one who I spoke with Friday…

Her husband died roughly a quarter past 11 that morning.

So I know I’m weird and I know I’m quirky, but be careful what you say. Yes, he was in his 70s and had heart issues, but still.

I’m gonna miss that man. I looked up to him and even though I didn’t see him frequently it seems weird to think that I won’t hear mom complain that he mowed so everyone is mowing now or that I won’t see him in the garden or something…

We have been adjusting things at work and it’s working so far. I’m enjoying being in a different building that I’m almost never in and I’m enjoying seeing people again.

I’m not so much enjoying that I’m behind on Camp NaNo because I’m stuck as well as because I lost focus with the fire and everything.

I feel like a bad writer…

That’s all for now, folks. I hope peace is with you, because I don’t think it’s been with me as of late.



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