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August 2, 2017 / Heather

Unexpected Thoughts

I’ve been working on my story Unexpected Moments, and doing so has brought up some unexpected thoughts. Yeah, yeah, I know my jokes suck. Oh well!

One day I spent some time at my local library and instead of editing what I THOUGHT I was going to, I ended up deleting a number of pages and REWRITING roughly 10 PAGES then and there!

This is huge for me.

Sunday the 30th I spent the day cleaning and reading. I read through a 400 page book start to finish, read the remainder of a roughly 300 page book, and finished an audiobook that I was listening through Audible.

I know you’ve probably been force-fed Audible ads, but as I’m NOT paid or anything for promoting it maybe this will hit you differently.

The hours I work are odd and I’m lucky that I can listen to things like books or music while I work during certain things. A number of the books that I read are long so they estimate at 24 hours for listening time. One thing I like about Audible is that I don’t have to bookmark anything, it automatically keeps track. There’s a huge selection of books, and there’s always something there that I want to listen to. For less than $20.00 a month I get 1 credit, meaning I can buy one book with that credit and even return it if I don’t like it. I didn’t do a lot of listening there for a while and when there’s a holiday I don’t often do much listening because I’m not at work so I’m usually doing other things like watching TV or movies or reading a physical book. My reading schedule of sorts is really weird, I’m well aware of that.

Anyway, I’ve ended up with a few books ready to listen to so sometimes I have the issue of trying to figure out which book I want to listen to at that very moment. For instance, when I finished World War Z on Sunday I had the choice of “The Book of Life”, “In a Dark, Dark Wood”, “Ready Player One”, and “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.”. Instead of starting a new book I continued listening to the book “The Book of Life” book 3 in the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. It’s a decently long book and I really like the trilogy, but there are parts that aren’t as interesting as others so I feel welcome to do other things. But when I get into a book usually I keep with it. Maybe I listened to the other two books too quickly like I ended up doing with the Harry Potter series when I reread and finished it… Who knows. I don’t care either way. I’m happy listening to something. I can also sync Audible with Kindle because they’re the same information so that makes life REALLY easy when I have the Kindle format and the audiobook format so if I want to read the book instead of listen to it then it’s as easy as opening the Kindle book and waiting for it to sync itself.

Welp, back to writing Unexpected Moments for me! 😀



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