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September 28, 2017 / Heather

My Anxiety

This might be something I’ve talked about before, if so please bear with me or go ahead and skim the post for other things.

As someone who started college as a psychology major I spent a fair but of time researching things and I even read the DSM-IV for fun at one point. I still love psychology today, but it’s not my life path now. Years after I’d been out of classes I was doing more research and found that I might have self-diagnosed anxiety.

Whether you do or don’t have an anxiety disorder you have likely had anxiety about something before at some point in your life. There are fantastic ways to cope. For me, meditation and music are the biggest things. This is the bachelorette party weekend which for me is basically just hanging out and partying with friends. A friend asked me to call when I got the chance and I was the only one up so I called. We talked about the wedding registry and how I needed to add more to it.

For those who haven’t done a registry before it’s crazy easy through certain apps. Which takes a lot of stress off. What does not take stress and anxiety away is the fact that it shows you how many days are left. It’s hard to imagine it happening so soon for me. And then adding more to the registry brings up some anxiety about the cost of items or if there’s too much or not enough on the list.
I added things. I took a selfie when I smiled remembering that a good friend is planning on coming here for that weekend and I can’t stop smilingnwhen I think that both this friend and an uncle of mine are basically traveling across the country to come visit and be here for this. I love both these guys dearly and I’m beyond excited and eager to see them.

The other thing that helps me calm down is scent. I’m not talking things like bath bombs or aromatherapy oils. Just normal scents that mean something to me. Every year at the fair for several years now I get leather bracelets. I love watching the man stamp the names and symbols in and I love the smell of the bracelets. It’s calming for me. Deeply calming.

I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I finished edits for Unexpected Moments on time happily. I feel relieved about it but also feel there’s a lot I could add to the story. I did add more things and removed some elements and I’m pleased with that. I realized there were parts that were not going to work and I accepted this is the journey my characters are taking for themselves.

I’m looking forward to fresh characters for NaNoWriMo and I’m eager to hear about the projects friends and readers are going to be working on or are working on right now. This is my favorite time of year.



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