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October 18, 2017 / Heather

Not Gone

I have not abandoned my blog!

I’ve just been busy with things. Like cleaning. And we got a new kitten. 

Earl Grey. He’s adorable.

I’ve also been trying to read and plan for NaNo and dealing with wedding things and figuring things out at work and there’s a lot going on. I’m currently obsessed with trying to finish reading this book of poems by Rupi Kaur The sun and her flowers. She’s a brilliant poet.

Seriously when I say brilliant I mean it. Most poetry books I scoff at because they’re not good and I wonder how anyone can connect with the works but Kaur’s writing is another matter entirely. She makes me feel like my writing is extremely lacking which is good for me because it gives me something to aim for with it.

I have a massive pile of books to read because Harlan Cohen, Stephen King (with Owen King), Rupi Kaur, and Dan Brown ALL had books come out within the same 2 week period. And I also went to a bookstore within that timeframe and I’m dying because I bought a bunch of books that were on clearance and add to it my membership discount I saved a lot. TWO OF THESE BOOKS ARE FOR REFERENCE I SWEAR!!! Seriously, ones a first aid book and the other is a copy of On Writing by Stephen King which I’ve read before but I can’t find my original copy and I also bought The Fireman by Joe Hill which I’ve read before and did not own as well as some other books that have been on my radar for a while but I keep forgetting about until I see them in library collections when I don’t have time to read. There was also a library book sale last week.

I have three countdown going. Wedding, until a family member arrives, and until a friend arrives. I’m super thrilled because now when I look at my planner I don’t just panic, I get super excited.

Alright! Well, I have things to do today and need to get started on those things! I have already cuddled and played with the kitten Earl Grey for a while, but I have many things to do. Peace everyone.


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  1. Kristi / Oct 19 2017 1:27 AM

    That is the *perfect* name for that kitten! I have this weird thing in which I like the idea of tea, but I don’t care to drink it (hot tea, that is…I do like iced tea).

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding, by the way! I’ve been away from blog-land for a while, but saw some mentions about this since I got back, so I just wanted to mention it.

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