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November 1, 2017 / Heather

Just a few more days…

That’s right. Just a few more days as of this posting until I get married. I’m nervous, excited, and just… Internally I’m screaming like you wouldn’t believe. There’s a lot that I’m looking forward to, like seeing a lot of people, but there are also things that I’m not looking forward to, like meeting new people. Catfish and I both invited people that the other hasn’t actually met yet. For him, it’s coworkers I haven’t met. For me, it’s family he hasn’t met as well as a few friends. ^^’

I’m excited to meet people that work with him and have worked with him for a while. He’s gotten to meet a number of my coworkers, so why shouldn’t I meet his, right? I’m also nervous about that because sometimes I don’t do well with new people and it’ll be a battle with what I call anxiety issues. That’s going to be a royally fun day. Thankfully I’ll have him, the monkey, and different people that I know around to help me out.

What am I most excited about? We already live together and have for a while. We already sleep beside each other almost each night. That’s not going to change. We have pets together, we don’t want kids. We have bills together, etc.

I’m looking forward to being “officially” married. Under some states there’s something called “common-law marriage” which basically states if you’ve lived together for so long and a few other factors then you’re considered legally married. Our state doesn’t do that.

I’m seriously looking forward to the whole little ceremony thing and the fact that one of my favorite uncles will be there for the whole thing. He hasn’t been back here in a long time and the last few times he’s been back have all been for funeral and death related things. We actually have something to celebrate. And so help me if any of my family try to start something or run mouths or anything at all I’m going to be the first one to throw them out. And I mean physically. I might have lost a lot of strength over the years, but I’m still pretty damn strong compared to some people. And most of my family members who would try to start anything are smaller than I am, except in height. And I’ve also got several people who would help me throw others out if I needed help or if someone started anything. These are the people I can’t live without in my life.

There’s also another person who’s coming from out of state that I’m SUPER excited about, my buddy Lupus. He hasn’t been out here before and we’ve known each other for a long time and he’s seen me through some pretty rough things.

There is someone I wish was coming that I never even got the chance to invite. Shao. He’s not just a friend, he’s also an ex of mine that I’ve stayed on really good terms with. He’s a riot and I haven’t been able to reach him for a while.

The weather here is getting pretty danged cold. Makes for beautiful Fall/Autumn weather, but makes for a really friggen hard time getting out of bed because this also means that I’m not using as much time as I could to plan NaNo. I’ve got most of the stuff I want to have planned out planned. I’m also planning on going to the write-in tonight (the night I’m writing this, not the night it’s posted. That’s the downside and trouble of drafting posts is I don’t know for certain what’s going to happen between the time I write a post and the time the post goes live). If I manage to make it it’ll be my FIRST time at one. Correction, it’s the kick-off party for the local region, not a write-in. Write-ins don’t happen until after NaNo starts. I’m just so excited that I might actually be able to get to y’know DO THINGS that I don’t usually get to do!

All I’m going to share for now is that my story is currently titled “Thoughts [Un]Interrupted”. I really like this title and I’m excited for it. I’ve also got several other thoughts and stories buzzing around inside my head that are making it hard to concentrate. I’m actually kinda concerned about a few things for this NaNo. There’s more information on that in my DeviantART Journal though. At least there probably will be. Can’t say for sure because I’m going to be writing that after I finish drafting this.

Have a good one, folks. And yes, after the wedding I’ll still be going by and signing off the same way. Peace. HAPPY NANO!!!



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