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April 11, 2018 / Heather

Next Step

My previous post, Last Page, was pretty much nothing more than me letting you all know that I finished that round of edits for Unexpected Moments. And there wasn’t much more to talk about than that. I finished SUPER early.

But what’s the next step? What do I do next in this adventure?


So that’s what I’ve been contemplating at the moment.

April is a crazy month for me, but this year it seems to be crazier than previous years. I don’t know if that’s just my perspective or if this month is actually busier than it was in prior years or what’s happening.

Here’s the plan:

First, to understand the amount of work I’ve been doing I want to share something I haven’t in the past. The current format of this story.

Unexpected Moments, when I printed it, is 2 pages per sheet of paper. The story is in verse with alternating parts, so this was an easy thing for me to decide when it came to formatting and writing the story. I don’t know if it will stay like this or for how long.

So when I say I’ve edited 2 pages, that means what would be 4 pages of a physical book because 1 page has 2 parts on it.

That sounds kind of confusing, even to me. The closest I can give for an example is that page 1 has both Her 1 and Him 1 on it, for example. Side by side view. I hope that makes more sense than my attempt at an explanation above.


I was editing 3 pages a day as my goal (so 6 parts total because I would do 3 for both of the main characters).

For some people editing and revising is one big step. For me, I’m breaking it into 2 parts to try and keep sane. It also feels like I’m getting more work done this way.

Last night my wrist was not happy with me. Why is that?

I was writing a schedule of revisions. In my planner. Which is a thing I do. Frequently. I use my planner so much. I love the thing! Back to the actual topic at hand! *scolds self for being easily distracted while trying to write this post*

For a revision schedule I’ll be doing 1 page less than my editing schedule. Meaning I’m applying revisions to 2 pages a day (2 parts per character).

Just like with edits if I feel I can do more in a day or sitting I will. If I don’t get wiped out by what’s going on while I revise I can usually keep going. It also depends on where I’m at and what’s going on.

Weather is a challenge. It’s cold right now (and where I’m sitting can’t decide if it wants to pour cold air on me or warm so I’m either comfortable or shivering), but the temperature is supposed to be increasing over the next few days, but then it’s taking another dive before coming back up again. And if my body does what it tends to I will feel awful and not want to crawl out of bed. I’ve had trouble staying warm this year already.

I’m planning on starting revisions Sunday. If I start them sooner, I start them sooner. If not, I start them Sunday. If I’m getting sick or not feeling well then so be it. There’s a reason I’m only aiming for 2 pages a day.

Stay warm/cool, folks. Whatever’s applicable for you.


P.S. I have a Facebook page!


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