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April 18, 2018 / Heather

Revisions Might Be Murder

I’m only revising 2 pages a day of what I’ve got printed out.

And currently it’s murder.

I’m on my first day of revisions and I’ve been at this for what feels like hours. Ir’s maybe been an hour.

I have good notes from my editing, but applying revisions is a whole different beast of storytelling than just marking edits.

The part I’m at is something I don’t know if I just want to remove entirely, or if it’s something I want to rewrite or how I should best go about changing things to keep it part of the story. It’s a good part, but it’s not an actual part of the story. It’s sort of like a prelude into what’s happening. It’s something to get the reader thinking.

But it’s got me wanting to kill it.

Probably does not help when you add in the fact that the cats kept me up half the night because they’re evil little assholes. -_- And no, I’m not joking.

I was gone for a long time Friday and ended up going out with a friend before I went home. Apparently during the time I was gone my dog became possessed by the demon of some long-dead fowl because he learned how to squak! >.<

It was a long week.

Back to revisions! *draws sword*



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