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April 25, 2018 / Heather

Murdering the Revision Process

So last week I had a post that basically boiled down to revisions were killing me for this story. I found out the problem.

Also, this post is going to be short because I’m pressed for time today. Go figure my day off is when I’m pressed for time.

The problem was I was tackling my revisions the wrong way for my method.

When I edited the story I was going through x pages a day and marking thoughts and taking notes on things that would need to change. When I planned out revising the story I was going about it the same way. I was going to do 2 pages a day. That messes up the flow of the story, though.

So I sat down one day after I’d made that post and I found out that if I tackled large chunks of the story I was not only more productive, but it didn’t mess up the flow of the story because I was working with the flow at the same time.

In one sitting while working on the story tackling revisions this new way I was able to get 2 or more weeks worth of what I’d originally planned done in the span of a few hours. Compared to when I tried my originally planned way it took me hours and I still didn’t even get the 2 pages done because I found out I had to rework something at the very beginning of the story. I’m happier with what I have at the beginning now, thankfully. I had some friends give input and that solved a large issue I was having with what I did.

Everything in due time.

Remember guys, if one method doesn’t work, try another.

Off to my next adventure of the day! Finding food before my stomach decides that it’s going to start growling loudly. I ate dinner way too early last night.

Peace everyone. Keep working on what you love.


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