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February 20, 2019 / Heather

Mondayish Fridays

The bitmoji I’m using in this post is basically the best way to sum up how Friday went and how Saturday has been so far prior to my writing this post. Warning: rant about relationships ahead.


Friday was filled with eh… Aside from something that happened way early in the morning before I fell asleep, but that’s not for this post. The rest of the day felt rushed and like it went far too quickly. Then there were issues with something I use frequently that just… I was very glad when my day was over.

Saturday… Saturday is proving to be interesting thus far.

My wrist feels numb. (It’s been cold out lately and I was in the outside for minutes but now I’m worried if I’ll be able to hold the pen I’m going to use to edit with. YAY! -_-*)

On top of it I’ve likely pissed someone off who has been interested in me because I won’t date him. I do not feel comfortable with him and I don’t feel that way about him and I feel he could find someone who would be a better fit for him. He’s not happy, but also, he asked me twice within 5 hours AND the second time he asked fell in the middle of me trying to hold a conversation. Uh… No!

Dudes… Just… Don’t get upset with a woman for saying no. And for the love of it all don’t ask her a second time within the same day if she’s already told you no, especially if she’s in the middle of sharing something about herself with you! Personally, it made me feel like he didn’t care what I had to say and that he didn’t want to learn anything about me.

I’m sorry this blog post is more a rant than anything, but I’m slightly pissed about all this. I’ve had multiple people asking me things like if I want to have sex or if I want to meet them (the same day they send me a message). I hate stuff like this. Why??? Because it send ALL kinds of red flags up in my mind.

I am MUCH more shy in person than online.

I do not like video calls unless I’m comfortable with you. I barely like phone calls with people I know! (There are a select few humans I will call. And one of those is BLIND.)

Do not push me. The more you push me to do something (like meeting) the LESS likely I am to do that thing!


It’s been a rough week to begin with, but this… I’ll be GLAD when Monday rolls around and I can throw myself into work.

I wanted to do more baking this weekend, but I doubt I’m going to get to that because of how my hand/wrist is hurting at this point.

I’m still going to edit though. Because I need to and want to. I want to get this story through another round of edits right now. And it’s going to be good for my mental health. So yeah, I’m going to edit. Even if it hurts right now.

Hope everyone is doing well. Peace all.


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