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June 5, 2019 / Heather

Working On The Book(s)


This is currently me. Only without the sad expression. Instead, I’m extremely happy!

Why am I so happy right now? I’m back to working on the book(s)!

Yes, actual progress on the book(s)!

Just a few minutes ago I was crunching numbers. That’s been the biggest part of some of this, really. At least for the poetry book. That one actually requires quite a bit of number crunching.


Thankfully, I’ve gotten MUCH better at my number crunching since I’ve been doing data entry for work.

I’ll be busting my butt after I finish getting this post ready for… well… posting.

Hoping it’ll be a really great night for creativity. Also hoping it’ll be a good night in general.

I’ve got more thoughts in regards to the book(s) I’ve been working on. My mind is kind of spinning right now because I’m so excited about the thought I just had. And I can’t wait to share that thought with at least one particular person tonight. (As in the night I’m writing this post because I’m actually scheduling this post for later. Ha!)

We’ve hit the storm season in my state. Over Memorial Day I was with Vitca and we had tornadoes nearby apparently. Growing up here I’m essentially unfazed by any of this. I like storms. Not to be confused with “I like tornadoes” because I don’t like those. I love the rain. I love good, hard storms. I love the sound of rain pouring down…

Okay, I think that’s enough on me ranting about how much I like storms.

Focusing on the book(s) more means focusing on reading less. Thankfully I’ve already read 99 books this year at the time of writing this. By the time this post goes live I’ll probably have read another book or two, if not three or four.

If you’re looking for something fun to watch, Aggretsuko is amazing. Or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Vitca got me on Jojo and I got him into Aggretsuko.

That’s all for now folks. Peace.


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