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June 12, 2019 / Heather

Bizarre Adventures

If he sees this title Vitca is going to get a laugh out of it. He knows what this post is about. He’s known what this post was going to be about since I decided I wanted to post about it.

And it’s all. His. Fault.

I’m not joking…

He got me watching a show called “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. It all started because we were talking about the Manga, and then about the Anime. I’ve read what’s available for me to read through the library. Netflix and Hulu both have season 1 dubbed. Hulu has more seasons, but they’re only subbed at the moment.

Guys… Guys! If you’re looking for something action based, fun, and bizarre you need to check out this show.

Season 1 starts out where you meet Jonathan Joestar (Jojo 1) and Dio Brando. You get used to their adventures and really get to know the characters.

As the season develops you get really into the story and it pulls at your heart off and on and just… Diiiooooo! Ugh.

I’m so excited to get farther into the series though… Having read part of the manga means I’ve gotten to know other characters. There’s one that Vitca has been referring to as my “husbando”. Polnareff. I really like this character.

Peace for now all.


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