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October 9, 2019 / Heather

Unexpected Moments Update

Hey all.

I’m typing this post a week before it goes out, but I wanted to have something ready since I missed a couple of weeks.

I just finished checking everything for “Unexpected Moments” and everything appears to be in order. “Unexpected Moments” is officially on track for the planned release date.


Above image is how I’m feeling right now.

This book has been in process for years, guys. I started writing it probably 8 years ago? I don’t even really remember when I started writing it or how it came to be, but about 3 years ago I found it and decided I was going to finish it. This project has been near and dear to me for a long time and picking it back up was a great feeling.

I finished writing it over a year ago.

I’ve been editing it since then.

I’ve gone through round after round of edits and I took it to writing group before in the early edit rounds.

I commissioned an artist for the front cover. I designed the rest for the flat cover. I finished tweaking things and it’s done. After years of working on this project I can say it’s done.

And it might be a while before I try to tackle another novel-in-verse. Or if I try to tackle another one it will have specific things in mind that I will adhere to for reasons that will save me grief and time later.

By the time you’re reading this I will either be waiting on my first physical proof to get to me or I will have it in my hands and be freaking out because I’ve been suffering from impostor syndrome. For those who don’t know that’s where you feel like you don’t belong. So I’ve been feeling like I’m not good enough to really be a writer. Thing is, I know my work is good. I’ve placed in contests, I’ve gotten numerous comments, and when I read back through some of my work I step back and go “wow”. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve written so many things that when a friend featured a handful of poets and I was one I read through one of my own pieces and went “why does this sound familiar???” because I honestly didn’t recognize that it was my work until I looked at the account she shared the piece from. -.-‘


Sorry for any absences coming. I’ll try to keep updating, but make no promises or guarantees. Stay safe everyone. For those doing NaNo stay safe, sane, and good luck on your journey.


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