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Just Who is H.R. Shavor?

Easy answer: it’s me. The name came out of a really fun story that I love to this day and it’s been probably close to 10 years going at this point that I’ve had the name.

A friend of mine I consider a brother is an artist (I know several artists which is hilarious because I can’t draw to save my life). On occasion he would do gift pieces (like for birthdays and such). One day he sent me the image you see below.

H S Shavor0001 I love this image. I love it so much because it represents so many things for me. The wolf has been my favorite animal for ages and the bat represents something I rather not talk about, but it fits still because I do like bats. I think they’re very neat creatures. My eyes are not green, but it is my favorite color. My eyes are more blue, but they’re more like the grey cloud blue color that’s almost more grey. I love trees and the eyes in the darkness remind me that it’s not the dark to fear, but what hides there. Nature was a huge part of my life growing up. The book… Well I’m an avid reader and a writer so…

But back to the name. You’ve seen me use my name Heather here multiple times (if not, hi I’m Heather). The R comes from Razor which is a nickname I’ve had for years. We’re talking like… Almost 15 years at this point. It came from a name of mine and really stuck. Shavor though… My friend was trying to put my name down and couldn’t remember how to spell it. We laughed about it and I think he offered to fix it, but I told him no because I liked how it sounded and looked and I wanted to use it. He was also a huge Bob Ross fan so I think we may have made a “happy little accident” reference. He’s an amazing artist.

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