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Meeting Mr. Right

After feeling her marriage slipping through her fingers for some time and then losing her job on top of that things couldn’t get worse for Mara. Until her husband has to travel overseas for work and is taking her with him. On their travel she meets a strage man who points one thing out to her. Something she’s known in her heart for a while, but didn’t have the courage to admit to herself.

Adair Right can’t help but comfort this strange woman he’s only just met. He’s drawn to her in a way that he’s never come across in all his travels. Could she be the one?

Meeting Mr. Right is currently not posted anywhere. 


“You tell me you can’t do anything, but if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. If you get my meaning.” He whispered.

“No. First, I’m married. Second, I’ve told you today, just like I have every other day for the last two years, I can’t edit anything.”

“You say you can’t edit anything, but what you mean is”

“I. CAN’T. EDIT. ANYTHING.” I yelled.

“Calm down. Maybe if we head over into the janitor’s closet over there…”

“Look! If you don’t get away from me I’ll be writing all of this down to be sent to you supervisor. You don’t want that. I’ve been telling you for two years that I can’t edit anything from those meetings. I have no control over how this machine sends the information it does and you damn well know that. I don’t want you, your ex didn’t want you, and my husband listen carefully to that, HUSBAND, doesn’t want you flirting with me.”

“Husband? You think that ring’s fooling me? Honey, I know all about the old trick of keeping a spare ring. By the way, you might want to switch it out with something a little flashier than a simple band of silver if you want someone to believe you’re married.”


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