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My Insanity (About Me)

Welcome! So you want to know about me?


I’m a lot of things, but primarily I’m me. I know that’s kind of obvious, but hey. I’m a writer, I work at a public library, I care about several things. I’m also a firm believer that the world needs music and books.

I’ve been writing steadily since about 2004 when I was 13-14 depending on what time of year. I’m not shy about my age and never really have been.

As far as pets go I have a dog who is somehow more anxious than I am (Gus) and a cat who is bound and determined to make sure I never sleep fully through the night for one reason or another (Earl Grey). They are both darling, adorable, little assholes and I love them dearly.

This is about ten years of writing. No, this isn’t everything.

I believe in the oxford comma. I dye my hair a variety of colors. I love artwork of all kinds (including tattoos and piercings though at the point I’m writing this I have none). I have several different thoughts on several different topics.

I’m pretty open about my own life, so if there’s something you want to know pop on over to the Contact Me page and drop me a line. Writing advice, life advice, want to share a favorite book, get a book recommendation, whatever. I love talking to people.



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