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January 11, 2017 / Heather


Sorry this is coming to you late, folks. Due to an ice storm and apparently scheduled maintenance that we knew nothing about Catfish and I were without Internet so I couldn’t draft a post like I wanted.

I also don’t have anything to really talk about right now besides reading and the fact that I’m going to start editing something over this weekend.

I just finished Dan Wells’s book Extreme Makeover and I loved it! It’s about a scientist working for a cosmetics company and while trying to create a new hydrating lotion accidentally creates a cloning lotion! I love Wells’s work and the narrator for this audiobook was brilliant.

And to continue with the Stephen King binge I’ve been on (I entirely blame the Monkey for this because she’s a big fan of his and turned me on to him) and because the new version of the movie comes out this Fall (*squeeing fangasm*) I’ve started reading/listein to It by Stephen King.

For those who don’t know, It is about a group of friends from Derry, Maine who are each haunted by a monster that has no name and more than one face. Known only as “It”, the creature most commonly takes the form of Penny wise the clown when taunting these kids. They make a pact that the next time it comes around (if it does) they are going to try and stop it. For good.

The original movie is one of my favorites and the book is super thick for things I read (thank the stars for audiobooks) and I’m thrilled to finally be reading it. I’m waiting on a book order with The Dark Half  and Salem’s Lot to arrive and they should be in my hands by Friday. He’s an addiction, folks. And yes, I plan on getting the audiobooks for both of those.

Audiobooks help fill the space I’m in and they’re a great way for me to read while doing things like grocery shopping, cleaning, or even walking. Though usually if I’m walking I’m walking the dog and talking to him off and on. I look forward to warmer weather.

I managed to mess my back up just enough that I’m in pain and trying to ignore ut, but it’s a stubborn pain this time. Gotta try and take it easy tonight I guess.

Also working on a piece for a local competition. Also need to work on some poetry. So many things!

Ooh! Idea! *darts off to take notes*

Here, have a teaser for a thing!


January 4, 2017 / Heather

Adventures in Hair Dying

Originally this post was going to be more about sleep and how I was plagued with nightmares for the last handful of nights in 2016, but I figured pleasant things were in order.

Last night it looked like someone was murdered in my shower. Or that my shower was suddenly the place to make cranberries.

Yep. I dyed my hair. Catfish helped. We had laughs. Lots of them. Now, because my hair is generally thick I use 2 boxes of dye whenever I do this sort of thing. Not having long hair means the dye really gets in there. It was supposed to be somewhere between the bottom two on the chart below.

It’s a violet color. And it turned out… Well…

Flash makes it more red than purple, but it is very violet in color. I like it. It’s still not the green I really want, but I don’t want to push that envelope at work juuuuust yet. We don’t have any rules against dying our hair and I do keep my hair looking good. It’s so fluffy!

I miss my green hair though…


December 28, 2016 / Heather


So, I haven’t felt well over the holiday. I did feel well enough Monday to go on an adventure with Catfish. Resulted in new tablet and books and a tumbler that I will hopefully share here or on my Instagram some time.

This entry is from the tablet so forgive any errors. It’s either too touchy or not touchy enough… Although the swipe method seems to be working better for me than the typing method…

This tablet is just a bit bigger than my phone, so it really is an adjustment for me to type on it. Awkward size! I do enjoy the way it reads though. Maybe I will get more done on Wattpad…

That’s all for now folks. Have a safe and happy New Year.


December 21, 2016 / Heather

Goals for 2017

I know 2017 is still slightly over a week away, but I do have some goals that I’m going to share here.

  • Come up with 3-5 new story ideas
  • Commission 2-3 artists (I have two for sure in mind, maybe a third)
  • Use Facebook author page (I’ve got one created, but I don’t use it so it’s blank as fresh snow).
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Submit at least three poems to Caliban (an online magazine I heard about in college)
  • Post 50 NEW pieces to DeviantART (so 1 a week roughly. I might post these on Wattpad).
  • Meditate every 1-2 weeks for 15-30 minutes minimum.
  • Make/Post videos of reading poetry to YouTube. Not necessarily videos of me reading poetry, but maybe with words scrolling on the screen. We’ll see if this is feasible for me. I suck at YouTube.

These are just things I’m challenging myself to. Nothing overly serious, just things that I want to accomplish or attempt during the year. There are, of course, other things that I’m going to be attempting and doing during the year, but these are some things I can focus on and do when I please them with a deadline of the end of the year.

I’ve been wanting to submit to Caliban since I heard about it in college, but I’ve always been too afraid to.

I’m running out of story ideas in my little black book.

I always want to commission artists, especially artist friends and there’s one I’m talking with about possibly doing character sketches for a story of mine, and she’ll be credited if I publish that book. The other artist I know I want to commission is one I have a piece by that’s framed and I’d very much like to get another piece by her.

I’ve submitted VERY few pieces to dA this year and that’s not something I want to have happen.

I used to meditate, but I haven’t for a number of years and it’s a great way to get out of my headspace while simultaneously staying in my headspace if that makes any sense at all. What this really means is it’s a great way for me to relax and clear myself. It’s my take a few deep breaths to clear my head technique. It’s my I need time before I snap technique. It’s something I miss. A lot.

While I’ve had a YouTube account for some years I was never really big on uploading videos. There are a few out there, but nothing I’d promote. The poetry reading, however, IS something I’d be up for promoting. Especially for those who might not have a DeviantART account and who would rather hear it read than read it. Downside to this is a really dislike my own voice so it’s hard for me to get past that and really get the guts to do such a thing. The part about if it’s feasible for me and that I suck at YouTube is because I’ve never regularly uploaded to it so I don’t have a handle on it. I also never made videos using a program and things have changed a LOT since I last attempted any of it. We’re talking the last time I really did any of that was like… 6 years ago, folks. So we’re talking Windows Vista or the turn where Windows 7 JUST came out. >.>

Wish me luck folks. I’m gonna need it. Especially when my planner for 2017 has coloring pages in it. >.> No, I’m not kidding. Maybe I’ll share a clip some time. It’s great for passing the time. Not so great for staying on task. Lol.


Also, I’m thinking about changing the way I sign off to relate more with the blog. H. R. Shavor or just Shavor instead of Heather/Razor. Thoughts?

December 16, 2016 / Heather

Book Review: Dream of My Heart

I met J L Walker through a mutual friend and we talk fairly regularly. What do we talk about? Writing of course! Dream of My Heart is Walker’s second book and follows her first book Picture My Heart. The two are listed as a series, but work well as standalone novels.


Dream of My Heart opens with Amanda (Mandy) and Jerry talking about Amanda’s husband, Bart.

Amanda faced a large struggle in Picture My Heart and in Dream of My Heart she faces not only those struggles, but new ones that no one saw coming.

There are a number of things that Amanda didn’t think of, the first being that she’d lose her husband. Moving, finding a job, figuring out her life, learning about love all over again and… Attempted murder?

This book quickly became one of my top reads in 2016. Why? For one thing, it made me cry. Both happy and sad tears. And I did tell Walker this. Quite a bit. We both laughed.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” – Robert Frost

I do recommend reading these books, especially if you’re interested in the romance and romantic suspense genres. They’re easy to read and it’s fairly easy to tell what’s happening. There were a few things Walker and I talked about, but those will remain between her and me. Unless they’re on my Amazon and Goodreads reviews, which I think I mentioned some spots, but nothing specific maybe. It’s been a few months and quite a few books since I read these.


*Note: I was not asked to write a review on my blog, but Walker had asked for my feedback when I read them. I blog of my own accord and have been meaning to post this blog for months since I read them back in Autumn. >.>

December 7, 2016 / Heather

Absence, Updates, and Coming Up

I won’t apologize for being absent this time. There is no excuse for it, sleep was more important than making sure I had a blog post ready to go and I was eyeballs deep in Pokemon Moon on my 3DS. I’m still not “finished” with the game entirely, but I’m at a point where I might be able to actually do more things otherwise again.

Life is chaotic. That’s all.

I’m planning on doing more book reviews and maybe reading more soon.

I do not know if I will go back and continue “Miles Away” at this point in time.

“Unexpected Moments” was finished being read in writing group and I have it printed so I can work on edits. This is going to be a weird one because of how it parallels itself in some ways. The ending is going to need an almost complete rewrite which scares me because while I want to do that I also don’t because it means facing so many things that I had issues with the first time around. At least this time I KNOW where I’m headed and I’m not blindly following my characters around their concert.

I’ve got some resolutions made for 2017 and some things on a to-do list that are mostly catching up on various shows I’ve missed or ones I’ve been meaning to watch but never had time because “That’s an hour long and I don’t feel like falling asleep during it or paying attention to something for an hour” is a thing for me apparently. Hell, Catfish found me passed out in bed with my DS on while I was in the middle of a battle! He finished for me, saved my game, and handed me my DS in the morning when I got up to take him to work. ❤ I love him. He helped me out with a number of things in the game when I needed to get something done like taking a shower or cleaning something up.

For the first time in weeks I’m cleaning my desk. Slowly but surely the house will be clean again!

There’s also something very big coming up in my life in 2017 that is going to have me a nervous wreck. It’s going to be a long year. It’s going to be a battle of a year… It’s going to be crazy. Thank God for the Monkey. She’s already planning something with some of her vacation time for next year depending on how much she gets and it’s having to do with me. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, really. She’s my person.

For those of you who don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy or haven’t heard that phrase, it’s best phrased as if I had a dead body she’s the person I’d call to help me drag it across the floor.Not my wording, it’s from the show.

I’ve known for YEARS that whoever I was with would have to get along with her. Whoever got me, got both of us in a way because I refuse to give up my best friend.

In other news I don’t know how many posts I’ll have up through the rest of this year because I don’t know what craziness is going to be thrown at me. It’s going to be a boatload of fun and I’m only being partially sarcastic. I’m looking forward to this weekend, but I’m really looking forward to next weekend because it’s the Monkey’s birthday and we have plans. Like… A lot of plans. Best friend plans are the best kind of plans. Especially when they involve horror movies and her staying over.

Now, I have some reading I need to get done. And reading that I need to add to Goodreads…


November 9, 2016 / Heather

Vacation? What’s That?

So, at work we have vacation time and if we don’t use it all by a certain date whatever’s left we forfeit over. Because NaNoWriMo is in November I tend to take the week with Veteran’s Day off since we’re closed that day anyway. I’m writing this on Monday, day 1 of “vacation”. I put it in quotes because I never go anywhere. I just stay home and write, sleep, and hang out with the pets. And use the Keurig apparently. Currently drinking something vitamin laden that’s just warm flavored water. After this I raid the tea cupboard to organize and find what I want to drink. *grins while sipping water*

Gus is very unsure why I haven’t left the house yet. As I write this it’s about 40 minutes after I would have left the house to head to work and Gus has been dancing around me and pawing at my leg. He’s happy I’m home. He’s small enough that when his tail wags his whole body wags. Not just that little butt waggle that most dogs get, but full-on whole body shakes. I’m looking at taking him on a small walk soon. Probably taking him with me to pick Catfish up from work tonight. SKittish as he is, Gus loves going for a ride and he rides well. I’ve taken him a couple of times on my own to my folk’s house or on errands with me and he sits or lays on the passenger seat, doesn’t have much interest in looking out the window. Sometimes I’ll lift the arm rest up so he can get closer to me, like lay his head on my leg.

I haven’t written anything for NaNo today yet. When I stopped yesterday I was at 11,090. I just need a few hundred words today and I’ll be caught up again. So far I’ve been able to write every day of NaNo. This is what I’m aiming for, too. Even if I hit 50K before the end if I don’t think the story is done and I have enough time I’ll hopefully be adding more to it. I know a few people aiming at 75K this month, but the 50K is fine by me.

I also kind of want to edit Unexpected Moments because I enjoy that story and there was a suggestion that a friend made that might add a little more depth to it and I thought of a question that could answer a few things about a character and why she doesn’t do something despite her feelings about a person. I love being able to be vague here. 😀

More than anything I’m hoping to get a LOT of reading done. If Thursday is nice maybe Catfish and I can go on a bike ride. His grandfather brought over all bikes they’d stored at his house and now Catfish and I have them. 4 bikes. We got three of them where they are able to ride. Just needed to pump up tires. It’s really nice because I was wanting to get a bike so I could ride some around here, but I never got around to it and I’d had no idea that Catfish and his grandfather talked about those bikes.

Gus is currently upset that there’s a Timba in my lap and not a Gus. Sadie couldn’t care less. She’s in the kitchen sleeping anyway. She’s got a blanket and pillow in there with her and she’s near her food. She’s happy. She’d be happier if Catfish was home. She’d be a LOT happier if my niece was here because while my niece picks her up and carries her wherever she also cuddles Sadie all the time she’s here.

Friday I’m having a few people over for a meal, including an uncle that most of the family never invites to anything. He’s excited. I don’t get to see him a lot and like I said, hardly anyone invites him to anything in the family. Monkey is excited because she’s getting to try a recipe and we get to hang out. We’re happy any time we get to spend with each other. I’ve got a few things I need to clean up here, but other than that it’s all relaxation this week. Maybe I’ll see if I can get in somewhere and get my hair cut. Or maybe I’ll color my hair while I’m off. I do enjoy doing that.

If you’re wondering what I’m noveling to it’s Twenty-One Pilots. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them lately! Bought one of the physical CDs and listened to it in the car and then somehow I got a song of theirs stuck in my head after a few weeks of NOT listening to them and suddenly I can’t get sick of them. I keep thinking I need to pick up another album of theirs.

FYI, for those who don’t NaNo and wonder how much we need to write in a day, this post currently sits at a little less than 850 words. You need 1667 words a day to be on par and hit the goal. I also don’t usually plan my blog posts. I free write them. So there’s not really a concern about length. With a novel I prefer having things planned out and it’s hard for me to NOT write without planning things out. Blogs I consider more like journal entries that I’m sharing publicly if anyone decides to read them. There are things in here that I’d really openly share and there are things here that I wouldn’t so openly share. There’s a reason this isn’t connected to my personal Facebook account.

That said, I’m going to close this post out. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish reading a book today so I can give it back to a friend tomorrow and post a review here. I’ll probably get a little writing done and then head for that walk with Gus.

Peace everyone. And to those who are writing out there, NaNo or not, happy writing.


November 2, 2016 / Heather

Um… Oops?

So, I haven’t posted anything on here for three weeks. I’m a terrible person because of it because every Wednesday that’s come around I’ve just remembered that I didn’t draft something up as I was heading out the door for work. I’m ashamed of myself. I need to do better. >.<

My birthday was October 23rd and it was alright. I left the house once and that was to go get food with Catfish. Got some writing done on Unexpected Moments. It also started the week from hell.

Monday I was alright, coughing and sneezing, but Tuesday I’d found out I’d made a big mistake and Wednesday I made the phone call to inform the people it effected. Wednesday night into Thursday morning I was coughing and hacking so much that I was up about half the night JUST doing that. Add to it that I’d had trouble getting back to sleep and you’ve got a real winning night lined up there, huh?

Thursday I called in sick to work. I left a voicemail message for one of my supervisors and when I saw her the next day she said she didn’t even recognize my voice from that message. It wasn’t really a shock because part of the reason I stayed home was because I couldn’t talk! My voice is STILL scratchy off and on. Saturday night was probably the worst of it because the stone in my engagement ring decided to run away. *headdesk* I’d been worried all along that would happen because this is my luck, people. And it’s also one of the reasons that I don’t want any stones in a ring I wear. The main reason being that I use my hands and having something poking out off my finger makes it harder to work with my hands without getting said poking out thing caught on everything in creation! Catfish wasn’t concerned. His response? We’re going to have our rings next year and it’s just a stone. Which is basically him saying that it doesn’t make a difference if there is or isn’t a ring because it doesn’t change anything about us being together. We’re still together. We’re still engaged.

Enough about all that though. There is good news from when I was sick. Because I can only sleep so much and there’s only so much T.V. I can watch I ended up working on Unexpected Moments while Catfish went and saw a friend of his and then played some games. He did take care of me while I was sick in our way which is basically if I ask for something he makes or gets it. >.> Like tea. Mmmm teeeeaaaaa. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t make tea the same way he does it. Doesn’t matter if I do the exact same thing the exact same way with the exact same items it STILL turns out differently. I just don’t get it…

Back to the good news. I not only ended up working on Unexpected Moments, I FINISHED Unexpected Moments!!! I ended up having a total of 134 pieces per character, so 268 total pieces of official story plus a cover page/title page, and the introductory pieces. Editing this will not be super fun, but I’m having fun teasing folks in writing group because I was sick from it last week and this week a couple of people were missing for one reason or another. I’ve read through part 115 for each character in group and next week is our last meeting for 2 weeks so if I don’t finish sharing it in group next week I’ll get to laugh and grin because at least one person has admitted that she wants to know what happens and it’ll drive her nuts if I don’t finish next week. XD

I love it. I love going to that writing group.

I AM participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, but so far I’ve been behind. We’re only on day 2 and I haven’t even met par for day 1, so I’m not doing very well so far. I need to write about 2300 words in the rest of today to fully catch up with where I should be.

The reason I’m not totally freaking out over that is because I’ve taken vacation this month (like I have the last 2-3 years). My normal week and a couple of days extra which is really nice for me. I feel like I’ve been extra stressed out with a few things so having even the one extra day was nice. There are also some nice changes coming up at work that I’m really eager for that don’t affect anything I do, but they’re just nice to know it’s going to happen some time. And I’m not the only one excited.

I have no cover for Unexpected Moments and I don’t have one for the current NaNo project. IT’s just something that I’m going to be working on. The title is “Miles Away”. And it’s kind of going to be a joke later in the book.

Fun note, my friend, Monkey, has been playing a game so I’ll get random texts from her with pictures and maybe a message asking for help or her saying she has no idea what the answer is. It’s a riddle game that gives you a riddle and letters to use to make the answer. The first one she sent me I knew right away because it’s an old riddle and one I really enjoy because it involves fire.


Enough about all that for now. I have other things to do like work on my novel. And read. And figure out how to NOT spend all my time counting down the days to my vacation… ^.^


October 12, 2016 / Heather

Unexpected Moments

[Originally posted on my DeviantArt account as a journal titled “Sleep? What the F is that?” Minus images.]

So, the fair in the city where I work came and went. Spent one day there with Catfish, Fyo, and my friend Monkey. It was great and there are still laughs about DERPICORN! Long story short Fyo won a game and got a stuffed animal unicorn from Despicable Me and the eyes were just… Derp! Thus, DERPICORN was born. Best. Joke. Ever. Autocorrect now recognizes Derpicorn for Fyo, myself, and possibly Catfish.


I’m thrilled right now though. I’ve been working on Unexpected Moments, my story in verse, and I’ve been handwriting them. Well, my hand was really not good the week before fair. We’re talking wear one brace while working and wear another while sleeping, spending little time without a brace on at all bad. So I typed up some parts for a character and I liked it. I needed to type the story up anyway. Well, I’d had quite a few parts for the male character, but nothing typed for the female.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was writing group and a good friend who hasn’t been able to make it for some time was able to come and so did another friend who hasn’t been there for a while. Biggest group meeting I’ve ever seen! I was thrilled. I read more of what I had and got some nice feedback (as usual). Well, I wanted to get things typed up and I hadn’t had time to do so over the weekend. Rather, I didn’t end up getting things typed up over the weekend like I wanted to. I’m not entirely sure what I DID end up doing over the weekend… Sleeping maybe? Watching T.V… Oh yeah, I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy because I was a season behind and needed to catch up so I could watch the new episodes when they came out. Silly me. Though… Now I have American Horror Story: Hotel to binge because it FINALLY came to streaming. Downside to not having cable and such. We like this though. It works for us.


When I got home last night Catfish wasn’t home. He was out with a couple of buddies seeing a movie and having some dinner with them. It’s nice for him to get out with the guys just like it’s nice for me to get out with the girls now and then. And him being out of the house gave me ALL THE TIME to type and do whatever I wanted. So I typed up EVERYTHING that wasn’t already typed up. Seriously, check my Twitter feed from last night. You can see the progression.

Essentially it reads (minus hashtags)
“Unexpected Moments officially has Her 1-40 and Him 1-101 typed up! Her 41-100 left to type for now!”
“I don’t know if I will type up Her 4-100 tonight. We’ll see… Listening to I took a pill in Ibiza and Closer on repeat while typing these.”
“Her 80-100 typed up. Only Her 42-79 to go! Also need part 101 for her. In time. That part will be hard for her.”
“There’s only so much torment I want this character to suffer in my typing for one night. Maybe…”
“As of 15 minutes ago I am only one piece away from having Her and Him 1-101 typed up.”
And that’s all that I had on Twitter in the 3 hour time-span that I tweeted. Meaning I spent probably 4 hours typing up parts. @_@ :faint: I have no idea how many parts I ended up typing. I did write notes in my planner so I’d know where I left off at… I do have a note in here about part Her 101 for when I write/type it. I’m almost scared to write it because it IS going to be traumatizing for Her. She’s going to relive a major event in her life that snowballed a lot of things that got her to where she is now.

By the way, the 4 hour writing stretch ended with the last part typed at 2:19 A.M. this morning. >.> I should have been doing some other things in there, but I got all the writing done. So it’s on me, but I got something done and I feel GREAT that I got everything for it typed. Hoping I can get some more added to the story on Monday or over the weekend because once I get Her 101 in here I’ll only have 64 pieces for each of them before I hit the goal I want to finish the story. It will have a total of 330 parts, 165 each. Having 128 pieces left to add in total is a major thing. I’m over halfway done… It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s… It’s weird.

Unexpected Moments started out as an attempt at something in a notebook I really liked. I put the story away for a LONG time and then after moving I found the notebook again and wanted to continue it. It became a Camp NaNo attempt (failed) and here we are with it being almost finished. It’s something that sits in my mind while I work on other things and while I’ll be happy to see it finished, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to be over. Even as far as I am in the story I haven’t said what the names of the male a female are. And if things go right when their names are said it’ll be very big, very emotional, and [hopefully] memorable.



Ring I got at the fair. Yes, that’s the “One Ring” from Lord of the Rings. Yes, that’s why I bought it. 😛

October 5, 2016 / Heather

Plug for Friend

My buddy over on DeviantArt (Asahi-Taichou) has started a Patreon page! Go check his work out and if possible, help support?

There are a number of artists I’d like to feature and the list keeps growing. His is just the first I’ve gotten around to sharing. But seriously, go check out his work.

Here’s his journal on the topic, info straight from the writer himself!

In other news I’m still reading, I’ve gotten back to some of my writing, and I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year as usual. I’ve got a story idea, a vague plot line, and not a whole helluva lot of anything else.

It’s been nice and chilly here lately, so that means a lot of cuddles. Monday night when I left work I had a slight headache (and of course I haven’t put my painkillers back in my purse yet) and it seemed like everyone and their brother had their brights on last night. I took a nice, dark back road home. Even then my headache had grown to splitting by the time I got home. Ate a little, Catfish cuddles helped some. When it got progressively worse he offered to get painkillers. That helped. I also napped a little on the couch which helped as well. Hoping that doesn’t happen again. I have theories on why it happened/what led up to it… Ugh! Peace for now everyone.