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May 11, 2017 / Heather


Sorry all, no image with this post. And it’s short.

I’ve been fighting with several things of myself lately and just being generally too drained to post anything.

I’m reading a great novel by Ruth Ware called The Woman in Cabin 10 so check it out.

Yesterday was the reception for the Snowbound Writer’s contest and I placed 3rd in poetry. It was asked about reading in front of a small group and while everyone who was there did read…

Basically while I was at work before that I spent the entire time fighting off an anxiety attack. I found myself staring at the screen and just trying to breathe a few times. When it got busy I was able to focus on my work better because our users came first.

Nonetheless I was battling anxiety. All. Friggen. Day. The wolf pendant I wear? It became a worry stone. My Fitbit Charge 2? The breathing function was a godsend.

I hate public speaking. I’ll share the piece later on, but just wanted to let you all know I’m working on things and battling myself. I just want to get back to writing…


March 15, 2017 / Heather

The KISS Method

Back when I was in high school our band director taught us several things, one of which was the KISS method. It’s nothing to do with actual kissing so calm down.

KISS stands for Keep It Super Simple (or Keep It Simple, Stupid). And I have found myself more and more reciting this in my head. So I felt the urge to share.

As far as writing goes I have updated my Camp stuff to reflect what I’ll be doing. I’m waiting on cabin assignment and I’m eagerly looking forward to doing revision.

I will be working on Unexpected Moments because I’m hoping that having a deadline for it will help me move forward and actually get it “finished” to the point where it’s not just a first draft.

That’s all for now. I’m typing with cold fingers because Indiana can’t decide what temperature it wants to be as of late. -_-‘


March 8, 2017 / Heather



There’s a lot of stuff that’s happened lately, mostly stuff about trying to get back to normal and on a regular schedule again for me. I don’t do well off of a schedule and it bothers me a LOT. I don’t like missing things and I don’t like being behind on things. I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on it feels like and the only thing I feel like I can keep up with is my writing and things like reading or watching shows because I can watch stuff while doing other things like writing blog posts or pissing about on facebook or other such things.

That’s pretty much it. I’m going to do Camp NaNo as usual. I just got my story set up. I’ll be rewriting/editing Unexpected Moments so maybe I can actually do something with the story.

There’s a new app from Wattpad! It’s called Tap. It’s really interesting and I want to play around with the format. It’s a very small story that’s told through text messages and you tap to get to the next text. It’s aggravating because you only get so many taps during a set time frame. Like how you only get 5 skips an hour with a free Pandora account. Grah!

This probably sounds like a random assortment of ramblings and it really is. I wanted to get something out even if it was late. I woke up this morning sick to my stomach and it sucked because I couldn’t roll over and just go back to sleep. I had to get out of bed early (earlier than my alarm) to do something and then I took Catfish to work. I didn’t even hang around to talk with my best friend which is really rare.

Hoping I’m feeling better soon. My stomach is still iffy right now. I don’t know why. Something I ate? Maybe I ate too late? Am I getting sick? I wish I knew. I really wish I knew… But oh well!

February 22, 2017 / Heather

Stress Levels Rising

Yes, my stress levels are rising. And yes, it’s because of the wedding.

All the talk about it is just making me want to sit and write a new novel or edit “Unexpected Moments” because when I’m in those worlds I’m not in this one.


Because those are worlds where I can control everything. At least, almost everything. There are obviously things I can’t control because I have my reasons for that, but anyway…

Even with things coming up I’m going to be putting more focus on my writing. I have a three-day weekend for once. I don’t often get these!

I’m still on a Stephen King binge. Currently reading The Dark Half. It’s an awesome story about a writer who writes under his own name, but not very much, and also under a pen name which takes off like a rocket. Eventually things happen that make him come out as the author un28251808der both names and then… Mysterious murders start happening. Did his pen name take on a life of it’s own outside of Thad?

I’m really enjoying this book. Not sure if it’s because it’s about a writer or what, but I’m

enjoying it. The
story is gripping and it keeps you wanting to turn to the next page and read the next chapter. There are slow parts, but that’s given in a novel this length.

That’s given in just about ANY novel.

It’s also creepy. Not so creepy as I can’t read it before bed, but it’s nice and creepy. The characters are awesome and if you’re looking for more about Pangborn from Needful Things then this is the right book. He plays in this one too. And yes, I’m reading King’s works so randomly that it’s taking me to looking things up about other works because I haven’t read them and he’s referencing them. Just simple, quick Google searches is all.

Well, I’m off to get some work done. Hopefully I can enjoy this gorgeous weather and a nice, relaxing day off. Hoping for a number of other things as well, but we’ll see if that’s actually going to happen…


February 9, 2017 / Heather

I Know

I know I never got a post drafted and scheduled for yesterday. No meant to, but it never happened. I haven’t been busy or anything, I’ve just been reading. Yes, more Stephen King. Salem’s Lot. Was not a fan. Next is The Dark Half. Along with some other books because there was a sale recently. I have a nice big to-read pile. Not that I didn’t before…

I’m stressing about things, but that’s nothing unusual for me. Hoping I’ll have news for you next post friends. Until then enjoy a book cover.


January 31, 2017 / Heather

Where Oh Where

Has my sanity gone? Where of where could it be?

It ran off because I’m working on wedding planning AND writing project stuff.

This is going to be interesting.

I have a lot of stuff to plan and get through and every day marks another day closer to the event and another day I risk panic over small things.

I panic semi-easily because I’m paranoid and out SO MANY THINGS.

I’m scatterbrained right now, so forgive me.

In not as panicky news I’m planning out edits that would make reading Unexpected Moments a lot easier and give it more flow and I’m planning and plotting if I want to and more to it and if so, what I want to add. I’m nervous for it, but I’m also really excited. I’m also very tired right now and my brain might not function the best today. We’ll see how it goes.


January 18, 2017 / Heather

Currently Reading: It

I’m typing this up on Saturday, 01/14/2017, at 1:11 P.M. and I plan to keep reading for some time throughout the weekend so the numbers I list are going to change by the time this post goes live.

In my last post I mentioned a couple of books, one of which being “It” by Stephen King. I’m a decent ways into theIt.jpg book at this moment (and by decent I mean I’m over 10% done with the book according to Goodreads). And I’m LOVING IT!!!

For those who don’t know (and maybe didn’t catch it in my last post) “It” is about a group of friends (The Losers Club) in Derry, Maine who make a promise among themselves to battle an evil and end it if it starts repeating the pattern it’s going with while they’re children. It is killing people. Mostly kids. It has no name. It has no one face. It will get you. It does not like leaving people alone. “It” is labeled as one of King’s most terrifying novels and I’ve been listening to it at work when possible, on my way to work, and on my way home. In the dark. Alone. I was also listening to it this morning in the house with the animals.

This is one of my favorite horror movies and I’m reading/listening to the book in preparation for the re-make that’s supposed to come out later this year. I’m so excited about the movie that I’m fangirling more than I have in a long time. I’m also fangirling over Stephen King because I’m addicted to his books. After I finish “It” I’m going to read “Salem’s Lot” and then “The Dark Hour”. I’ll be sad when I finish reading “It”. The narrator for this audiobook is fantastic (not as good as the one who read “Extreme Makeover”, but still really great).

I’m writing this up while I’m at my local library (not the one I work at, the one I live near) because I don’t get to just sit there a whole lot most days. I wanted to get a post typed out and scheduled so I knew there would be one to go out before I started working on edits for “Unexpected Moments”. I’m still excited to edit that one and I’ve got some notes written out from both my perspective and from a writer friend. I’m going to be making changes both electronically and physically. It’s going to seem really weird to me to be doing that because I’ve always done it only one way then another. It’s also going to be odd to read through it fully without getting feedback as I was writing it and reading it as I went along in writing group.

I always look forward to writing group. The people are awesome, it’s in an awesome place, and I feel like I belong there. I love writing group.



January 11, 2017 / Heather


Sorry this is coming to you late, folks. Due to an ice storm and apparently scheduled maintenance that we knew nothing about Catfish and I were without Internet so I couldn’t draft a post like I wanted.

I also don’t have anything to really talk about right now besides reading and the fact that I’m going to start editing something over this weekend.

I just finished Dan Wells’s book Extreme Makeover and I loved it! It’s about a scientist working for a cosmetics company and while trying to create a new hydrating lotion accidentally creates a cloning lotion! I love Wells’s work and the narrator for this audiobook was brilliant.

And to continue with the Stephen King binge I’ve been on (I entirely blame the Monkey for this because she’s a big fan of his and turned me on to him) and because the new version of the movie comes out this Fall (*squeeing fangasm*) I’ve started reading/listein to It by Stephen King.

For those who don’t know, It is about a group of friends from Derry, Maine who are each haunted by a monster that has no name and more than one face. Known only as “It”, the creature most commonly takes the form of Penny wise the clown when taunting these kids. They make a pact that the next time it comes around (if it does) they are going to try and stop it. For good.

The original movie is one of my favorites and the book is super thick for things I read (thank the stars for audiobooks) and I’m thrilled to finally be reading it. I’m waiting on a book order with The Dark Half  and Salem’s Lot to arrive and they should be in my hands by Friday. He’s an addiction, folks. And yes, I plan on getting the audiobooks for both of those.

Audiobooks help fill the space I’m in and they’re a great way for me to read while doing things like grocery shopping, cleaning, or even walking. Though usually if I’m walking I’m walking the dog and talking to him off and on. I look forward to warmer weather.

I managed to mess my back up just enough that I’m in pain and trying to ignore ut, but it’s a stubborn pain this time. Gotta try and take it easy tonight I guess.

Also working on a piece for a local competition. Also need to work on some poetry. So many things!

Ooh! Idea! *darts off to take notes*

Here, have a teaser for a thing!


January 4, 2017 / Heather

Adventures in Hair Dying

Originally this post was going to be more about sleep and how I was plagued with nightmares for the last handful of nights in 2016, but I figured pleasant things were in order.

Last night it looked like someone was murdered in my shower. Or that my shower was suddenly the place to make cranberries.

Yep. I dyed my hair. Catfish helped. We had laughs. Lots of them. Now, because my hair is generally thick I use 2 boxes of dye whenever I do this sort of thing. Not having long hair means the dye really gets in there. It was supposed to be somewhere between the bottom two on the chart below.

It’s a violet color. And it turned out… Well…

Flash makes it more red than purple, but it is very violet in color. I like it. It’s still not the green I really want, but I don’t want to push that envelope at work juuuuust yet. We don’t have any rules against dying our hair and I do keep my hair looking good. It’s so fluffy!

I miss my green hair though…


December 28, 2016 / Heather


So, I haven’t felt well over the holiday. I did feel well enough Monday to go on an adventure with Catfish. Resulted in new tablet and books and a tumbler that I will hopefully share here or on my Instagram some time.

This entry is from the tablet so forgive any errors. It’s either too touchy or not touchy enough… Although the swipe method seems to be working better for me than the typing method…

This tablet is just a bit bigger than my phone, so it really is an adjustment for me to type on it. Awkward size! I do enjoy the way it reads though. Maybe I will get more done on Wattpad…

That’s all for now folks. Have a safe and happy New Year.