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I mention it off and on, but I did not jump straight into the world of writing fiction.

Well, I kind of did? I was making up stories when I was a little kid (according to my mom), but I really started focusing on writing when I was in middle school. (So. Long. Ago. @_@)

When I got serious about my writing I was writing poetry. A LOT of poetry.

Seriously, a LOT of poetry!

Poetry was my way of being the person I couldn’t be to the world back then. It was how I handled EVERYTHING. Life, death, love, unrequited love, pain, heartache, nightmares, loneliness, happiness… EVERYTHING!

As I got older it was also how I handled my mental health and how I handled thoughts of killing myself.

Because of this my poetry spans a wide array of topics. If you want to read some of my poetry you can find my work:

Here on deviantART


this 100 poem challenge on Wattpad

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